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                   When oil is extracted in modern machinery it generates high amounts of heat. Wood pressing is a technique in which the oil is mechanically pressed from the seeds in traditional wooden chekku prepared from tree at temperatures not exceeding 120F. The nutrients, which are usually destroyed by heat while refining, are retained in this method. Pure cold-pressed oil is not refined, processed or deodorised. It is also rich in antioxidants, which boosts immunity.

Sambu Naturals Groundut Oil

                  Sambu Naturals Wood Pressed Groundnut Oil otherwise known as “Peanut Oil “ is a form of vegetable oil extracted from the edible seeds of groundnut which are dried first followed by removal of shells. The nuts are then crushed in traditional wooden chekku prepared from tree which absorbs the heat while crushing the groundnut.

                Groundnut Oil is used around worldwide today and is mostly consumed in South Asian and Southeast Asian. It contains large amount of vitamin E that act as antioxidents therby reducing the risk of heart diseases. it contains a essential monounsaturated fatty acid called linoleic acid that greatly maintains body metabolism. They also carry small traces of palmitic acid a saturated fat maintain a glowing skin

  • Healthier substitute for refined oils.
  • Quality is a matter of conscience.

“The oil you can live with”

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