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Mustard oil comes from the seeds of mustard. It is often used for cooking in india, Pakistan,Nepal, Bangladesh. In Bengal, odisha, assam, megahalaya, Manipur and Nepal it is the traditionally preferred oil for cooking.

Rich in MUFA and PUFA, Vitamin E, antioxidants Omega 3 and Omega 6 making it good for heart health and lowering cholesterol. This oil is a very strong stimulant. Its is very effective in stimulating excretion, circulation and digestion. It acts as a good appetizer, Antibacterial properties.

When taken internally it combats bacterial infections in the urinary tract, excretory system, digestive system, colon and so on.

Externally acts as insect repellent and anti-fungal, reduces risk of cancer, relieves cold, cough & arthritic pain, good for skin and hair growth.


Sambu Naturals  provide best quality of cold pressed Mustard Oil from selected matured Mustard seeds, which is well cleaned and dried hygienically under the supervision of experts.

  • Can be used for cooking, as a dietary Supplement
  • Quality is a matter of conscience.

“With faith as small as a Mustard Seed, then you can move mountains nothing will be impossible.” – Viola Shipmen

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