Poongar Rice

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Poongar Arisi / Rice

Poongar Rice is one of the popular rice varieties that is cultivated in Tamil Nadu. It is one of the ancient varieties of brown rice that has been cultivated with utmost care. This type of rice can withstand harsh weather conditions and heavy floods too. It was earlier called Arubadhamkodai, in recent times it is named as Poongar rice. It is often mistaken as Mapillai samba rice variety, as they look similar.

Though the rice variety started vanishing after the modern rice varieties were introduced, it is coming back with a big punch in the market. It is highly appreciated by many for the health benefits it provides. It is also one of the popular and highly purchased  rice varieties in the recent times.

Poongar Rice – Women’s Rice

It is also called as ‘women’s rice’, as it cures most of women’s hormonal issues. It is especially beneficial to pregnant women’s and lactating mothers.

Its kanji( water extracted out of boiled rice) is said to induce normal delivery in pregnant women.


  • Apart from Iron and Zinc, Poongar rice contains manganese, phosphorus, molybdenum, magnesium.
  • Poongar is a wonderful cure for Women’s Hormonal problems. It Enhances stamina and boosts the immune system.
  • Poongar rice is highly recommended for pregnant women and lactating mothers, as it provides strength to the body. It is normally given to them in the form of Kanji (Porridge)Vitamin B1 is abundantly present in this type of rice which helps in preventing stomach problems and ulcers.
  • Poongar rice increases hemoglobin content in the blood.
  • It provides strength to the body and controls/prevents from paralysis.
  • It has numerous micronutrients and hence consuming it gives enough vital nutrients required to strengthen the body
  • Poongar rice when consumed, avoids mixing of glucose in the blood stream when compared to the consumption of other rice varieties. Thus, it is best suited for diabetic patients.It kicks out bad sweat developed in our body.
  • When pregnant women consume Poongar Rice on regular basis, baby will be hale and healthy when born.
  • Excessive cholesterol in the body may block the blood circulation which eventually leads to heart attack. Consuming Poongar helps in lowering the Cholesterol level in your body.It is high in fiber which helps in easy digestion.
  • Poongar also lowers the heart risks, obesity related problems and induces appetite.

“Poongar is consumed by women after puberty and is believed to avert ailments associated with the reproductive system”

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