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Sambu Naturals homemade Arisi Muruku

Sambu Naturals brings you our homemade snack variety Arisi Murukku, is a traditional South Indian snack. Rice flour is mixed with butter, other spices & ingredients to prepare the batter, which is deep-fried to a crisp in fresh Sambu Naturals Wood Pressed Groundnut Oil.

Authentic recipe & premium ingredients are used to ensure the genuine texture & homemade flavor.

Only 100% natural ingredients are used - No preservatives or chemicals are added so that you can enjoy snacking without any fear.

All our Sambu Naturals homemade snacks are fried only in woodpressed pure Groundnut oil. Murukku Batter is fried under controlled temperature, to keep it lighter, nongreasy and it also enhances the natural flavor of the ingredients. This is what makes our Murukku much better than other popular brands which use harmful palm/ cotton seed oil or vegetable fat. Each batch of Murukkus is processed and prepared in a hygienic facility to ensure you receive only fresh and premium quality snacks every time.


Homemade Rice Flour,

Homemade Sambu Gram Flour,

Homemade Butter,

Sambu Naturals Woodpressed Groundnut Oil,

Seasame Seeds, Ajwain(Omam),

Chillis,Salt, Hing

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