Filtered Groundnut Oil

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Sambu Naturals Cold pressed Filtered Groundut Oil

Rich in aroma, natural goodness, and authentic taste, Sambu Naturals Cold pressed Filtered Groundnut Oil is the latest offering from Sambu oil.

Sambu Naturals Cold Pressed Filtered Groundnut Oil otherwise known as “Peanut Oil “ is a form of vegetable oil extracted from the edible seeds of groundnut which are dried first followed by removal of shells. The nuts are then crushed in traditional chekku.

Sambu Naturals Filtered Groundnut Oil is rich in MUFA, PUFA, and Saturated Fats, ensuring the fat profile is perfectly balanced.

Also filtered oils are produced at a lower temperature which retain most of the nutrition & the fatty acid bonds doesn’t become toxic.

Groundnut Oil is used around worldwide today and is mostly consumed in South Asian and Southeast Asian. It contains large amount of vitamin E that act as antioxidents ther by reducing the risk of heart diseases. it contains a essential monounsaturated fatty acid called linoleic acid that greatly maintains body metabolism. They also carry small traces of palmitic acid a saturated fat maintain a glowing skin

  • Healthier substitute for refined oils.
  • Quality is a matter of conscience.

“Authentic cooikng oil for authentic dishes”

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