Karupatti | Palm Jaggery

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Karupatti / Panai Vellam / Palm Jaggery

Palm Jaggery or Karupatti vellam is an unrefined dark brown sugar made from palm sap. Palm Jaggery is a kind of sweetener used in south India. Palm Jaggery extraction is a very well known small scale Industries.

As it is  healthy food the palm jaggery is used in preparing many Indian foods and well as used in medicines especially in Tamil  Siddha  Medicines.

 Panai Vellam is rich in nutrition and more healthier sweetener.



  1.  Palm jaggery is the Rich source of calcium and minerals.
  2. Daily intake of  Palm jaggery in your diet will restores an healthy digestion process.
  3. Palm Jaggery or Panai vellam Increases hemoglobin level and contains high anti oxidants
  4. Intake of  Palm jaggery will help in relieving constipation and helps in weight loss.

Sambu Naturals brings you Original Palm Jaggery (Karuppatti / Thaati Bellam / Pana Vellam) from natural formers without any preservatives. You can feel the original taste and aroma from our Sambu original Palm Jaggery.

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