Arappu Powder ( Herbal Hair wash)

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Sambu Naturals Organic Homemade Arappu Powder :(Albizia Amara)

Arappu is a powder made from the leaves of arappu tree. Arappu powder serves as a natural conditioner for the hair while washing. It reduce heat of the body and softens the hair. It is a old method of washing hair and very good for your hair growth. Mixing Shikakai powder will give more shining to your hair.

Arappu Benefits:

  • Apsolutely no hairfall
  • Soft and shiny lustrous hair
  • Very cooling to your hair and the body
  • Gets rid of dandruff completely

How to use Arappu powder for hair?

  • Take about 1 or 2 tbsp of Arappu powder in a bowl
  • Add some water to make it into a medium paste(like Dosa Batter consistancy)
  • Ensure that there are no lumps and apply it to wet Hair.It would begin to lather midly and removes the oil leaving the hair clean
  • Rinse off powder

Feel the shine and softness in your hair.

  • Home Made & Hand Made with utmost care & love.
  • Quality is a matter of conscience.

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