Kuthiraivali | Barnyard Millet

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Kuthiraivali | Barnyard Millet

Sambu Naturals  brings you pure & chemical free Barnyard Millets (Kuthiraivalli). The Healthy Food from Heavenly Nature.  Barnyard Millets can be used to prepare everything that one makes with regular rice that is lot of healthy dishes, like Biriyani, Pulav, Bisibele bath, Mixed Vegetable rice, Upma, Kithchadi, Kheer, etc,.

Benefits of Kuthiraivali rice

  1. Increases the strength of muscles due to its higher protein content.
  2. Regulates the glucose levels in the blood due to its high glycemic index.
  3. Helps to fight against anemia as it has high iron content.
  4. Helps in controlling bowel movement due to its higher fiber content.
  5. Improves the strength of bones due to its higher calcium content.
  6. Is very low in fat and calories than regular rice and thus helps to in weight loss.
  7. Provides a nice does of phosphorus to the body that helps in building strong bones.

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