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Sambu Naturals Horse Gram | Kollu

Sambu Naturals brings you Kollu(Horse Gram). That is grown using the best agricultural practices. This product  is  cleaned, processed and packed in the most hygienic conditions under the supervision of experts.

Horse Gram And Weight Loss:

Nowadays traditional foods like Kollu Paruppu is slowly fading now and  also many people don’t know how to cook Kollu at all. Kollu has multiple health benefits and especially it is well known for its weight loss abilities. It has been used as a weight loss aid from ancient times and if any one is over weight, they will be always encouraged to include kollu in their diet regularly.

1. Kollu stabilizes Blood Sugar Levels

2. Kollu For Reducing Cholesterol & Obesity

3. Kollu As a Cardio Protective Agent

Horse Gram / Kollu / Ullavu / Kulthi is the most protein rich lentil found on the planet. Its slow digestible starch makes ideal for diabetic and obese patients.

Can you believe horse gram has been around since the early ages – as early as 2000 BC?! It was grown in Africa and Asia. The South Indian diet has included horse gram since the Neolithic Age during which time it also spread to other parts of the country.

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