Kattuyanam Rice

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KaattuYanam Rice:

In ancient times, this Rice was grown in the forest but now Kaattuyanam Rice is a traditional variety of rice that is grown in south India particularly in Tamil Nadu. It grows  as a tall plant that can hide an elephant. Hence the name Kattuyanam.

Benefits of Kattu Yanam  Rice:

  • Kaattu Yanam red rice strengthen nervous systems.
  • Kattuyanam promotes digestive system.
  • Kattuyanam normalizes bowl movement
  • It decrease the glucose breakdown in our body
  • Presence of Anthocyanin in kaatuyanam rice helps to prevent from vision disorder and liver dysfunction.
  • It helps prevents from Anemia.
  • It contains Zinc,Manganese and Iron.
  • It is important one in bone formation.
  • Kaattuyanam rice also called as the ‘Enemy of Diabetes’.

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