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Sambu Naturals Homemade Health Mix Powder / Sathu Mavu

Sambu Naturals proudly introduced to you Sambu Health Mix Powder is a traditional food prepared from a blend of powdered cereals, Nuts and Rices and packed Hyginically. It is processed  under the supervision of experts without losing the nutritional qualities of 30 precious ingredients. It does not contain any preservatives and artificial colour. Sambu Naturals Health Mix Powder is an ideal food for all age group.

Sambu Naturals Health Mix – Easy & Simple to cook in just 3 mins !.

Cooking Method:

Step 1

Take 2 Tablespoons or 30grams in a bowl and mix with 300ml of water or milk to avoid lumps.                           

Step 2

Place the bowl with the mix on a stove & bring to boil, stirring continuously for 3 minutes to avoid lumps

Step 3        

Once cooked add Jaggery or Honey to taste. Leave it to cool. Serve with warm  or at room temperature                        

Other Recipes

        Cook with water and Serve with thick butter milk add a pinch of salt, if your kid would prefer that.

Features & Details:         

  • 100% natural multigrain health drink without preservatives, artificial colours or added sugers
  • Traditional Indian blend of 30 cereals, pulses and nuts that make it the most nutritious breakfast

“Your diet is a bank account.Good food choices are good investment”

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