Thuvarai Paruppu | Red Soiled Thoor Dhal

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Sambu Naturals Red Soiled Toor Dal or Semman Kattiya Thuvaram Paruppu | Red Gram

Sambu Naturals Red soiled Toor Dal or Semman kattiya Thuvram Paruppu is one of the health full dals. It is mixed with the red soil for 10 hours and dried for 5 days before it is de skinned.

The mudpack of the red soil absorbs the flatus substance from the Toor Dal making it less gassy. It adds more minerals and proteins from the soil by making it more nutritious naturally.

They are enriched with dietary fiber and folic acids and is greatly advisable for pregnant women to nourish the fetus.

Health Benefits Of Toor Dal

  1. Promotes Iron Stores
  2. Regulates Blood Pressure
  3. Maintains Weight
  4. Boosts Energy
  5. Manages Diabetes

Toor dal is the primary source of protein for vegetarians that comes with a dense nutrient profile

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