Karunkuruvai Rice

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Karunguruvai Rice

          Karunguruvai Rice looked red in colour but belongs to black rice variety. Karunguruvai is well known to treat Elephantisis arthritis and chickenpox. Karunguruvai boosts immune system and strengthens nervous system. It can be used and consumed everyday like normal rice.

          Karunguruvai is an important subspecies of Kuruvai family growth during Kuruvai season. Due to boundless medicine properties, it is widly used in Siddha medicines to cure a variety of diseases and disorders.

Health benefits

1 Karungurvai Rice removes toxins and impurities from the body.

2 curses all type of Orthopaedic disorders, Artrities, Elephantiases, Chickpox.

3 Boosts immune system as it loaded with Antioxidents and Minerals.

4 Reduced LDL (Bad Cholesterol)

5 Karunguruvai Rice keeps diabetics under control

6 Karunguruvai helps in the treatment of Filariasis(elephant foot).

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