Karuppu Kavuni Rice

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Karupu Kavuni Rice

There are so many rice varieties in Asian countries that are often overlooked and ignored. One such variety is the black Rice or the so-called Kavuni Arisi. The benefits of Kavuni araisi are realy surprising to the modern generation. The rice is dark in the shade and thus the name black rice. Actually the darker shade, the more rich in nutrition. The nutritional value of kavuni rice is amazing.

It is considered a miracle rice variety for its nutritional benefits. Kavuni rice is very rich in fiber. 100gms of black rice holds over 4.9 gms of fiber content. This is the double the fiber content of brown rice.

Benefits of Karupu Kavuni Rice:

  • It has also 18 amino acids presence in it.
  • The presence of zinc increases immunity and iron helps carry oxygen in the body.
  • Kavuni Rice also has good amt of copper, carotene and other important vitamins.
  • This rice has vitamin c which improves the quality of skin and hair.

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