Kambu Kurunai | Broken Pearl Millet

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Sambu Naturals Kambu Mavu / Pearl Millet Flour

Sambu Naturals brings you Organic Pure Original Pearl Milet Flour/ Kambu Mavu without any preservatives.

 Kambu / Pearl Millet is a grain that is common in several parts of India, particularly the west. However, today, it is quite the forgotten grain as people consume mostly rice and wheat, even if they opt for unprocessed versions. The fact is that it is extremely healthy, even for babies! It’s a good source of fiber and rich in vitamins and minerals.

This finely ground Kambu Flour is best suitable for Kambu Roti, Dosa, Adai, Mudde, Soru, Portridge, Drink etc,.

Benefits of Kambu

  1. Kambu contains lignin, magnesium, phytonutrients which acts a strong antioxidants to maintain blood pressure and prevents heart related diseases.
  2. A rich source of fibre, flavonoids and Omega 3 fatty acids stop lipid perodoxication reducing triglycerides levels and bad cholesterol (LDL) levels.
  3. It contains a high amount of iron and zinc which increases hemoglobin levels and prevents irom deficieny anemia which is very commonly found in pregnant women and children.
  4. Drinking this regularly shows effective improvement in heme levels.
  5. The high fibre content in pearl millet reduce the formation of gallstones due to the reduction of intestinal transit time and reduces the secretion of bile acid (which is the major reason to form gallstones).
  6. Kambu have amazing properties to prevent cancer. They contain an essential phytonutrient called lignin which has the ability to kill cancer cells.
  7.  Kambu is the richest source of fibre which regulates your bowel movements and add bulk to your stools preventing constipation.

Besides having many nutritional value, it also stands as legendary food for poor but health conscious farmers. We could not control everything in our life but we can control what we put in our body!

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